Damme Good Garden Sunday

Join us for a demonstrational permaculture gardening session

About this experience

Every Sunday join us from 3pm-6pm and get reconnected with mother nature, learn where your food comes from, how it grows and how you can make little steps to live a more mindful life. A quick 5 minute taxi ride from Hang Hau station lies an oasis that will make you feel like you have transported to Bali, even if its just for a few hours. This activity is lead by Perma Club founder, Sacha Van Damme. For the past 9 years Sacha has been maintaining and developing Perma Club using permaculture principles. During these sessions you will learn about soil, propagation, succession, seed collection and so much more. Activities will vary every Sunday depending on the garden needs and the seasonal conditions. This activity is for people with all levels of gardening experience, however, this is not like our typical hosting events. There will be NO garden tour and some activities are more difficult than others. Come ready to get your hands and clothes dirty! Water is provided for guests of this experience. If you chose to bring any of your own food and beverages please be observant of our environmental policy. Perma Club Environmental Policy: Perma Club is 100% off grid which means we are 100% responsible for our waste. Our biggest pet peeve is disposable plastic especially for foods that are processed and have energy intensive supply chain system. If you do bring food and/or beverages with disposable wrapping or plastic, you are responsible for disposing it yourself, so please bring a bag for your waste and make sure to take it with you when you leave. On too many occasions have we had plastic bottles and wrappings for snacks laying around. Help us keep Perma Club clean!! There is ZERO tolerance for breaking our Environmental Policy. Persons who fail to take their rubbish with them will not be allowed back to the garden. Make sure to leave your phone number at checkout so we can send you further details on whatsapp.

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Hosted by Sacha, Hong Kong's local horticulturalist.