Mexican Culinary Experience

“A good tortilla can hold anything”

About this experience

Menu for month of Jan

4th and 18th of Jan traditional meat menu

11th and 25th of Jan Vegan menu


Take your Taco Tuesday experience to the next level.

Join Freida and Salseria.HK in an authentic taco experience, enjoy a drink, learn about corn while you make your own tortillas and other corn-based dishes, finish up with a taco tasting session accompanied by our local Mexican connoisseurs.

If the pandemic doesn’t let you go to Mexico, allow us to bring Mexico to you!

Starting Jan 2022 we will be offering Vegan Mexican Culinary Experiences using premium plant based products to bring you all the most refined Mexican vegan experience. 

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Alma's passion for good food practices can be traced back to sharing time in the kitchen with her grandmother, where she spent significant time learning about cooking techniques and ingredients. Together with Andres, as the founders of Salseria, they are dedicated to bringing all the flavours of Mexico to Hong Kong.