Mexican Culinary Experience

“A good tortilla can hold anything”

About this experience

There is no better way of learning from a culture than through food. This Mexican Food Cooking Workshop is designed for people that want to have a better understanding of Mexican Cuisine, ingredients and cooking techniques. Cooking and eating can bring people together as few things do, that’s why we share the table and learn to prepare step-by-step recipes that will give you the tools to make your own creations.

Location: This workshop is hosted at Perma Club, a permaculture farm in Clearwater Bay. All activities hosted at Perma Club includes a farm tour, where we will harvest garnishes such as cilantro and nasturtium flowers.

Perma Club Environmental Policy: Perma Club is 100% off grid which means we are 100% responsible for our waste. Our biggest pet peeve is disposable plastic especially for foods that are processed and have energy intensive supply chain system. If you do bring food and/or beverages with disposable wrapping or plastic, you are responsible for disposing it yourself, so please bring a bag for your waste and make sure to take it with you when you leave. On too many occasions have we had plastic bottles and wrappings for snacks laying around. Help us keep Perma Club clean!!

Your Host

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Alma's passion for good food practices can be traced back to sharing time in the kitchen with her grandmother, where she spent significant time learning about cooking techniques and ingredients.
As a Hospitality Strategist, she specializes in Mexican food, customer service, and restaurant management. She has worked in the Food and Beverage industry for 8 years, gaining experience in international restaurant operation, process standardization, and staff training. In addition Alma enjoys pottery, coffee culture and hiking.