PermaClub Open House!

Scavenger Hunt Experience


FREE per person



About this experience

PermaClub is a botanical garden nestled in a small corner of Clearwater Bay just a few minute walk from the main road. There are 3 basic principles of permaculture which drives us to live our best lives every day. Care for People, Care for Planet, Share the Surplus. 

Join us for our free Open House Experiences where we invite you to our garden and show you a little bit of whats cooking at PermaClub. 

Kids are free to arrive anytime between 3:30pm and 5:00pm. They will get a quick introduction to the different areas of the garden. They will then be sent off to forage around the garden encouraging them to use their observation skills as well as their senses to identify plants. 

Children under 7 years old must be acompanied by a supervising adult. Parents encouraged to join as this is a great bonding experience with children. 


Environmental Policy

PermaClub is 100% off grid which means we are 100% responsible for our waste. Our biggest pet peeve is disposable plastic especially for foods that are processed and have energy intensive supply chain system. If you do bring food and/or beverages with disposable wrapping or plastic, you are responsible for disposing it yourself, so please bring a bag for your waste and make sure to take it with you when you leave. On too many occasions have we had plastic bottles and wrappings for snacks laying around. Help us keep PermaClub clean!!

Please make sure to leave us your contact details so we can send you arrival instructions via WhatsApp.