Cherry Picking Workshop

After the blossoms comes the fruit, how cute!


$100.00 – $400.00 per person



About this experience

Our cherry tree is in full fruit!!! Come visit us at Perma Club for a cherry harvest session! This is not your typical cherry, this is a Brazilian cherry. The edible fruit is a botanical berry. The taste ranges from sweet to sour, depending on the cultivar and level of ripeness (the darker red to black range is quite sweet, while the green to orange range is strikingly tart).


Its predominant food use is as a flavoring and base for jams and jellies. The fruit is high in vitamin C and a source of provitamin A.


This is a great experience that happens once a year and isn't all that common in Hong Kong so we highly encourage you to join during our 4 week window of harvesting. 


Please bring your own bag or jar in order for you to take your harvest home! 


There will be a 400g harvest limit for adults; 200g for child and 100g for toddlers so as to avoid overharvesting the tree and make sure we share the surplus with as many community members as possible. 


Perma Club Environmental Policy: Perma Club is 100% off grid which means we are 100% responsible for our waste. Our biggest pet peeve is disposable plastic especially for foods that are processed and have energy intensive supply chain system. If you do bring food and/or beverages with disposable wrapping or plastic, you are responsible for disposing it yourself, so please bring a bag for your waste and make sure to take it with you when you leave. On too many occasions have we had plastic bottles and wrappings for snacks laying around. Help us keep Perma Club clean!!