Sincerely Aline x Perma Club

The more cherries, the more merry!


$200.00 – $650.00 per person



About this experience

Guest Chef Aline Davis from @SincerelyAline will make an appearance at Perma Club to host a fun cooking workshop with our cherries. 


Aline, Founder of Sincerely Aline, is a self taught home chef, recipe developer, cooking instructor, strategic marketing communications consultant and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in training. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Aline grew up around a family of food enthusiasts and the recipes she creates are heavily inspired and influenced by her upbringing and by the individuals who raised her. Being half Chinese and half English her food is a fusion of Asian and Western culture, ingredients and flavours. 

Sincerely Aline is about connecting and celebrating food with a focus on wellbeing. We aim to support and empower individuals and communities to live vibrant and healthier lives through nourishing food. 


Instagram: sincerelyaline

For this workshop you will get to harvest your own cherries and join Aline in our outdoor kitchen to transform the cherries into an even more delicious treat.
This is not your typical cherry, this is a Brazilian cherry. The edible fruit is a botanical berry. The taste ranges from sweet to sour, depending on the cultivar and level of ripeness (the darker red to black range is quite sweet, while the green to orange range is strikingly tart). Aline has developed recipes specifically for this workshop.